• Merilee Rowe

Rain Harvest System Cost Estimate

Ever wondered what you'd need to convert collected rain water into usable potable drinking water for your household? Below is an average parts and materials cost for 5500 gallon residential drinking water system. If you interested in utilizing rain water for drinking water (and any other uses) for your household, this gives you an idea of the materials you'd need and the cost it would take.

As you can tell, a lot of parts and supplies are needed for a complete home drinking system. The above list totals roughly $6,660. You will then still need pipe (to carry water from your downspouts to your tank and then to an overflow), water line (to connect from the pump inside the cistern to your house supply), wire (to wire your pump to your panel), excavation work, and backfill gravel (to create a base in the excavated pit for the tank and to backfill around the tank).

While the supplies listed do not include the cost of labor, it hopefully provides you with an overview of the types of materials that go into a complete installation of a residential drinking water system.

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