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1725-Gallon Norwesco poly cistern installed for feed direct to frost-free hydrant. Columbus, OH


11,000 gallon rain harvesting cistern install for potable use. Washington County, OH


Wisy WFF100 vortex filter installation for potable water cistern.


Side-by-side Wisy WFF100 vortex filters installed.


Drainage system feeding rain harvesting system used for drinking water.


Updating roofwasher filter by replacing this older Water Filtration Company roofwasher with newer Wisy Vortex roofwasher


Installation of 1500-gallon galvanized steel tank. Pickerington, Ohio


Commercial rainwater harvesting system for feed to toilets and irrigation. Mitchell's Ice Cream, Strongsville, Ohio


Twin poly underground Norwesco tanks installed for use with irrigation system. Bloomfield, MI

Norwesco Water Tank Installation

Installation of above-ground rain harvesting system. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio

Metal Cistern Water Tank Corgal

CorGal metal water cistern installation. Hilliard, Ohio

Concrete Cistern Irrigation

Irrigation cistern after installation. Green lid is access to our 5500-gallon concrete tank. Columbus, Ohio

Concrete Rain Cistern Dublin

Cistern installed off of parking lot for irrigation supply

Graf Rain Pre-filter

Graf pre-filter installation for commercial 22,000-gallon below ground rain harvesting system. Cleveland, Ohio

Concrete Cistern Wisy Vortex Filter

Installation of Wisy Vortex pre-cistern filter for drinking water system. Indiana

Rain Harvest Irrigation System

Drip irrigation system fed by rainwater collection tanks. Cleveland, Ohio

Hidden rain tank

550-Gallon Rain Tank

McDonald's Rain Harvest System

5500-gallon rain harvest cistern installed in drive-thru greenspace to supply irrigation

Wisy Vortex Installation

Wisy Vortex pre-cistern roofwasher filter installation

Greenhouse Rain Tank Irrigation

18,000-gallon above-ground rainwater collection system installation for greenhouse irrigation. Mason, Ohio

Rain Brothers LLC excavation

View of Rain Brothers' shop.

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Commercial rainwater collection system. Cleveland, Ohio

Well Water Reservoir System

Installation of well reservoir system, used for a low-producing well to store water for on-demand draw inside house. Canal Winchester, Ohio

UV Sterilizer Installed

Filtering rainwater for drinking / potable whole-house usage.

Concrete Cistern Water Tank Install

Winter time 11,000-gallon rain cistern installation for residential use. Akron, Ohio.

Concrete Underground Water Tank

Non-potable rainwater system. Cleveland, Ohio

Rainwater Cistern Filtration

Filtration upgrade for cistern system

20,000 gal cistern system

22,000-Gal Underground Concrete Rain Harvest System

Rural rainwater system, powered by solar with a hand pump back-up

Manual pump back-up system for cistern

Commercial Rain-water Harvesting

Traffic-bearing concrete rain cisterns installed under parking lot, Columbus, Ohio

Installation of a 16,500 gallon underground system for Pilot Dogs, Inc in Columbus, Ohio #rainharves

16,500-gallon traffic-bearing rain harvest system

Residential rain collection system

Residential drinking water cistern installation

Excavation - commercial rain system

Rain tank excavation

Pond water filtration system

Pond water filtration for emergency rural water supply

Agricultural irrigation

Install of agricultural irrigation system

11,000-gallon drinking water system install in Hancock County, Ohio #rainharvesting #rainharvest #ci

11,000-gallon rain harvest system, Findlay, Ohio

Emergency water back-up system

Emergency rainwater reservoir and filtration system

Rain Harvest System Underground

20,000-gallon concrete rain harvesting system for non-potable use

11,000 Gallon cistern system installed before noon in Berea, KY

11,000-gallon system, Lexington, Kentucky

Cistern install, Lucasville, Ohio

Cistern install, Lucasville, Ohio

Cistern install in rural West Virginia

1500-gallon cistern install in rural West Virginia

Cistern pre-filter install, Canal Winchester, OH #rainharvesting #rainharvest #cistern

Cistern pre-filtration

Culvert tank install, Columbus #rainharvesting #cistern #rainharvest

Culvert rain tank, Columbus, Ohio

Rainwater filtration system install, Canal Winchester, OH #rainharvest #rainharvesting #cistern

Drinking water filtration system

Installation of culvert rain system

Culvert rain cistern

Cistern install, Coshocton County, Ohio

Cistern installation during backfill/grading - Coshocton County, Ohio

Setting a couple more galvanized steel rain tanks today - this time for the PAST Innovation School i

1,000-gallon metal culvert tank installation at PAST Innovation Lab, Columbus

Custom pump control skid

Fabrication of custom pump and control skid

Cox Arboretum Concrete Cistern

Two traffic-bearing concrete cisterns installed at Cox Arboretum in Dayton, Ohio

Norwesco Cistern Installation

Two 1700-gallon Norwesco underground cisterns installed outside of Columbus, Ohio for irrigation supply

Michigan Cistern

Preparing to set top half of Michigan concrete cistern

8,000 Gallon System

2,500-gallon tank to be connected to 5,500-gallon cistern - Rural Ohio

Excavation for rain cistern

Michigan rain catchment system site prep

Cistern Pre-Filtration / Roofwasher

Three concrete roofwashing filters installed before an 8,000-gallon cistern system

Hand Pump for cistern

Restoration of old hand dug stone well with new cast iron hand pump installation

Custom Metal Rain Tank

Metal rain tank installed at Ohio restaurant

Snowy Cistern Installation

Norwesco cistern installed at Dayton, Ohio Parks & Rec

Norwesco Below-Ground Tank Install

1700-gallon underground cistern installation in Northern Kentucky

Modular Cistern System

Mitchell's Ice Cream rain harvesting cistern - preparation for installation. Cleveland, Ohio

Modular Traffic Bearing Rain Tank

Cistern being installed - Mitchell's Ice Cream

Industrial rain tank install

10,000-gallon underground modular cistern, wrapped with liner

Backfill of rain cistern

Backfill around 10,000-gallon loading dock cistern

Norwesco 1,000 Gallon Water Tank

Commercial tank installation - Cleveland, Ohio

Rain Catchment System

HDPE rain tank installation at Franklin Park Conservatory

Ohio State University Cistern

Plumbing overview for flexible bladder cistern installation at The Ohio State University

Rural Indiana Cistern Install

Vacuum testing rain tank in rural Indiana

Irrigation Rain Tank

Backfilling around concrete cistern used for irrigation - Yellow Springs, Ohio

Irrigation Pump Skid

Pumping system installed at Franklin Park Conservatory for rain tanks

McDonald's Rain System

Site preparation for rainwater harvesting system designed and installed by Rain Brothers

Commercial Cistern Installation

Concrete cistern being installed for commercial application - Gahanna, Ohio

OSU Greenhouse Rain Harvesting Tank

Plumbing for OSU rainwater harvesting system

Drainage for rain bladder tanks

Preparing pipe for drainage installation

Flexible Bladder Tanks

Flexible rainwater bladder tank installation for university greenhouse

OSU Bladder Tanks

Rain bladders after a rainfall

OH Governor's Residence Cistern

HDPE cistern system for Ohio Governor's Residence

Drainage Work for rain collection

Columbus, Ohio drainage project

Multiple rain barrels

Rainwater catchment system for Columbus conservatory

Cistern Restoration

Restoring century-old brick cistern with customized liner - Dublin, Ohio

Pump Controls with Filters

Greenhouse pump controls with filtration skid

Winter Cistern Install

Winter-time cistern installation - Gahanna, Ohio

Drinking Water Filtration for cabin

Filtration installation for rainwater harvesting cistern - Hocking County, Ohio

Water barrel Installation

Columbus, Ohio rain cistern installation

Rain barrel system

Close-up look at tank drainage

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11,000 Gallon cistern system installed before noon in Berea, KY

11,000-gallon system, Lexington, Kentucky